The health of the general population has deteriorated over the years. The average age of death rates has significantly decreased to the 60s and 70s age group. Research says that many medical conditions today are due to decreased blood circulation in the body. In fact, some of the leading causes of death are heart failures, Diabetes, and hypertension. Many of these conditions result from improper circulation of the blood in the body.

How important is Blood Circulation?

Blood is more than just red blood cells, hemoglobins, white blood cells, and platelets that many people know of. Blood carries with it the needed oxygen and nutrients the body needs to keep healthy. When a blood’s circulation is disrupted, the body will not receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to flourish. Clogged arteries or clogged vascular system is one of the main causes for the ineffective delivery of blood to the major organs in the body. This is caused because of poor lifestyle, poor exercise, and poor eating habits.

Massage – An Effective Way of Improving Circulation

Massage therapy is not new, in fact, it has been used long ago in ancient times to help relieve stress. Massage is being used today to help improve circulation. The therapy improves circulation through the following methods:

· Dilatation of Blood Vessels

When the body is massaged, blood vessels are stimulated to dilate. This means that the vascular system of the body opens up and is able to receive an increased flow of blood, delivering more blood to various organs.

· Friction

Massage makes use of friction when hand pressure is applied to skin and muscles. Friction causes heat production within the body. The heat produced causes blood vessels to dilate, improves circulation, and increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to vital organs.

· The Release of Chemicals

Massage therapy causes the brain to release certain chemicals that help the body relax. Known as endorphins, these chemicals are known to help reduce pain and elevate mood. Endorphins are natural mood elevators produced in the body. A massage, therefore, allows the individual to feel relaxed and experience a stress-free state.

Different Massages for Different Individuals

There are different massages available for individuals to try. Different countries offer their own massage specialties. Massages are also classified as a dry or wet massage. Even the use of water, stones, and other items has been harnessed to deliver a relaxing massage therapy for the body. Whatever the type of massage an individual prefer, the science behind it remains; it is not merely a trend that people seek today. Massage improves circulation, relieves stress, and keeps the individual healthy.

Heaven Massage and Wellness Center – Where Healing Begins

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