Pregnancy massage or ‘prenatal massage’ is a kind of therapeutic massage designed for expectant mothers. Over time, it is already proven that therapeutic massage improves overall well- being of people. Due to the special safety required by pregnant women, it is important that a special massage be designed for them. A body of an expectant woman should have the proper position and support when doing the massage.

Proper position provides safety and comfort for both the mother and baby.

Special massage techniques are done in this therapy. Unlike other massage, there are certain techniques that cannot be used. Moreover, there are areas of the body that should be not be massaged during pregnancy. Well-trained specialists are aware of this. Modern research shows that with good consideration, ‘prenatal massage’ is a good ingredient in prenatal care. The spa will make sure that safety and comfort is ensured for both the expectant mother and baby.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Having a baby inside will cause different changes in the body. Some discomfort and stress will be encountered. Pregnancy massage helps to reduce swelling in arms and legs, decrease stress and relieve aches and pains in joints and muscles. Studies show that this massage therapy improves labor results and newborn baby’s health.

During pregnancy, the swelling of joints or edema happens. This is mainly caused by the increased pressure on the blood vessels and reduced circulation because of the heavy uterus. Through massage, soft tissues will be stimulated. This will help reduce fluid collection in swollen joints which will reduce this common pregnancy problem.

In the latter part of the pregnancy, many expectant mothers experience sciatic nerve pain. In this period, the uterus rests on muscles of the mother’s lower back and pelvic causing tension and swelling. This can be eased through massage therapy by putting on ‘pressure’ on the nerves, helping them release the tension of the muscles.

The following are the other benefits brought by prenatal massage:
· Decreases joint and back pain
· Improves blood circulation
· Reduces headaches and muscle tension
· Reduces chances of getting edema
· Decreases anxiety and stress
· Promotes better sleep

What to Expect

Certified and well-trained specialists will do the massage. Expectant mothers will be required to position most probably by side-lying. This is considered as the best position during the massage. Special table will be provided to accommodate their growing bellies. It is of utmost importance that we provide the expectant mother best care for its womb. Expect that our specialists are trained to know how to handle pregnant women and handle sensitive areas.

However, we do not encourage women with certain conditions to receive a message without speaking first with a health care provider. We want to make sure your over-all well-being is ensured.

If you have the following conditions, please talk with a health care provider first:

– Preeclampsia
– High blood pressure
– Have just gave birth
– Pregnancy caused hypertension
– Experiencing sudden severe headaches, severe swelling and high blood pressure
– Experienced Preterm labor

Pregnancy period will no longer be as stressful as it was. Visit us so that we can help you go through the road to motherhood by providing comfort and relief. Get your prenatal massage now!

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