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Hot Stone Massage

What is Hot Stone Massage and what are its Benefits?

Hot stone massage is an advanced technique of bringing peace of mind and improving overall well-being. It requires a lot of skill and understanding of the massage process, which only trained professionals have. Before getting an in-depth knowledge about the benefits associated with this massage method, it is essential to know what exactly this massage technique is and how does it works to enhance the health of the body and mind.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

This procedure respects the ancient idea which emphasizes on natural treatment procedures for healing various diseases. It incorporates the same idea for increasing health benefits. This method involves a water heated stone, which is used to release muscle stress and get many other physical and mental health benefits. Though many types of rocks are used for this type of massage technique, basalt stone (volcanic stones) is considered as best. Since the characteristic of basalt stone is just perfect for achieving the main purpose of massage therapy, most professionals prefer to use this stone during hot stone massage. This stones is a huge source of important minerals. It can absorb and retain heat for a longer period of time. These hot stones are placed on particular points of the body in such a way which ultimately increases the physical and metal relaxation.

How Does Hot Stone Massage Works?

When hot stones are applied on the skin, a condition known as vasodilation is created by the heat generated by the stones. Vasodilation is a medical term which is used to describe the widening of the blood vessels. It happens as the muscle cells of the vessel walls tend to relax. It can be said that this massage technique helps to expand the blood vessels which in turn helps the blood to reach more oxygen and nutrition to the cells of the skin and muscles.

What are the Benefits of Hot Stone Massage?

Relaxes Muscles

The above mentioned discussion helps to clarify this benefit. This process helps to discharge the excess heat from body. Therapists are trained to influence the important tissues of the body through this technique. This method helps to release muscle stress and rest and relax the nerves.

Improves Blood Circulation

It also helps to improve blood circulation as the heat therapy broadens blood vessels and increases the flow of the blood to various organs of the body and cells of the brain.

Helps in Detoxification

Since this procedure of massage accelerates blood circulation, it also helps the body to detoxify itself. When the blood vessels expand, the harmful toxins and lactic acid exit the cells and come back in the blood vessels. From there, these complex compounds are then easily carried and deported from the body.

Boosts Body’s Immunity Power

Due to increased blood flow, various important tissues and nerves of the body receive sufficient nutrition and oxygen. It helps to improve sleep, calm the mind, control the production of cortisol hormone and encourage the activities of white blood cells. The overall result appears as a strong immune system.

Reduces Inflammation

This method of massage helps to stimulate the endorphin hormone, which is a feel-good hormone. It helps to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation of the joints and muscles.

It can be said that this massage procedure can assist to control several health complications arising from modern sedentary lifestyle. So, if anybody experiences muscle stiffness, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia etc., hot stone massage can lessen the discomfort and offer significant improvements.

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