Blood pressure

Massage to lower blood pressure

Massage is one of the best remedy and solution to stress. It is done by manipulating the superficial and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues using different and wide array of techniques to enhance functions, aid in healing process and to promote relaxation and of course, well-being.
Massages don’t end in being a good relaxation. It also promotes and aids in the circulation of blood. It is so because it helps in calming the sympathetic nervous system, the one responsible for the rise and fall of blood pressure. It will be and will stay at its peak, if the person is all about stress.


The blood pressure is something everyone should be concern about. It is measurement of force applied to the walls of your arteries as blood is being pumped from the heart to all parts of your body. The factors that can greatly affect the rise and fall of the blood pressure are temperature, diet, the type of activity being done, emotional state, posture and medications used.
The normal blood pressure is at range less than 120 for its systolic and less than 80 for its diastolic. Systolic is the pressure when heartbeats while it is pumping the blood to all parts. The other one is when the heart is at rest in between beats. Anything that falls more than the range is considered an abnormality and is categorized as high blood pressure.


High blood pressure should be taken seriously as it may lead to coronary heart diseases, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, and other serious health problems.
While high blood pressure can be prevented by proper and healthy diet and consuming less sodium. Quitting smoking is also one big leap to bringing blood pressure to its normal range. Being active and proper exercise helps a lot in lowering blood pressure. It is very important to manage stress as this is much responsible to the raising of the blood pressure. And yes, massages do magic in stress management.
Massages are of different styles and techniques. It involves working and acting on the body with pressure, may it be structured, unstructured, stationary or moving, as well as tension, motion and vibration. It can sometimes be with or without mechanical aids and done manually.
The gentle and relaxing massages, or better known as Swedish massage, are the most popular massage that lowers blood pressure. It relaxes the muscles with its long, flowing strokes.

Aromatherapy massages amongst others, also aims to lower blood pressure as the soothing fragrance of essential oils relaxes the stressed body. Deep tissue massages also do the same magic.
May it be of different styles and techniques, massages are done for it clinical effectiveness. It is beneficial even in single doses. It relieves body pain, reduces the state of anxiety, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. And regular trip to your massage clinics and spas promises the same effects plus it reduces sub-clinical depression.
Though anyone can do soothing gliding and rolling on our tired muscles, it is advised to let the professionals and licensed therapists perform the massages so as to avoid problems and of course, for the best results.


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