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Couple’s massage

Couple's massage and its benefits

Couple’s massage is quite different from sensual massaging between two people or a couple. But this one is rather described as, instead of massaging one another the two people do receive the couple’s massage from a public and licensed therapist. A couple’s massage can be meant for two lovers, platonic couples and even familial couples.

Couples massage has been foreseen as the fastest growing areas in the spa industry as many massage therapists as come up to offer couple’s massage more especially at spa and this kind of massages can take place in a special room or the out door settings.

The main function of the couple’s massage is to bring together two people in a more likely shared experience, in such situation, two massage therapists are involved to give the two people involved a massage each at the same time.

The couples massage can be of great benefit since it can be used to reduce stress that may build up between two partners who are in a relationship. This type of massage also brings comfort where by the fist timers finds it easy to get a massage from somebody they know and the nervousness in the process is easy when two people are together literally.

Bonding is another benefit of the couples massage as it allows two people to know each other and also during the talking of the massage two people are allowed to cutch up and visit. Also caters for people health wise where it looks forward to healing and healthy time with ones partner.

Couples massage can also bring about romance as it is able to inspire new passion or rebuilds hearts that are broken. It also helps in timing when coordinating, the same massaging time can be appropriate or convenient when planning for special occasions.

Generally many people have come to know the various benefits of different types of massages since time immemorial but the current tradition has emerged to understand more about them as they are able to come up with many new massages to serve many different purposes for instance some are designed for relief from pain and stress and others just to make people relax and many other forms.

Due to the facts, there are many kinds of massage services for instance;
Swedish massage which is very simple but very popular in spas, it contains only five movements, that is kneading, siding, shaking, cross fiber and rhythmic taping to help in reducing the joint stiffness and to increase blood flow.

Deep tissue massage is another massage service meant for releasing pain from deep inside the muscles and connective tissues. There is also hot stone massage to apply gentle heat and pressure to muscles, this type of stones can release some small amount of heat in order to easily penetrate into our bodies.

Other types of massages are meant for particular specific parts of the body for instance reflexology for hand and feet to reduce pain from the rest of the other body parts, and that one of aroma therapy which is also a kind of massage that is applied to skin in order to increase blood pressure and to make the immune system strong.

The process of a couples massage can involve any kind of technique that can be preferred and this can be anything concerned with therapeutic head massage treatment and even foot massage which is fully body massage and the placement of this couples can be side by side or facing each other.

Lastly the cost of couple massage often is very expensive as compered to a single massage just because in couples massage you have to pay two different single sessions.

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